Tip 83. Filling out the Guide Sheet is the key to accomplishing a Project.

Tip 83. Filling out the Guide Sheet is the key to accomplishing a Project.

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Q: What is the hardest part of getting a Project done?
A: Starting it.

Many people have a hard time starting a Project and procrastinate on them. Some never even do them. Getting the Guide Sheet filled out and set up is the key to getting a Project started and done quickly. After the Guide Sheet is set up, working on the Project is easy since now you are just basically working on a bunch of small and easy to do tasks (Steps).

You can create a Guide Sheet form in Microsoft Word or Excel that you can use for each Project. Drag the Guide Sheet form (that you keep in Windows Explorer under the Forms Support Category) to the folder of the Project name in your e-mail program.

_The Project name. (The Guide Sheet is dragged here.)
_Steps (This is where you keep the Steps of the Project.)
_Support (Upon Project completion, files from here can be saved to Windows Explorer or deleted.)

In Outlook, using the Right Reading Pane view allows you to easily see the Guide Sheet and the Step you are currently on in the right window. You must, however, open the Guide Sheet to make any changes to it such as when you are checking off a completed Step.

For a Step, you can use an existing e-mail, a New Post in This Folder card in Outlook, or any other document (Word or Excel). Steps of a Project are dragged from the Project/Steps folder to one of the other three Action Categories—usually the To Do A folder, to be done.

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