Tip 82. 80% of getting a Project done is setting up the Guide Sheet.

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Do you have a hard time finishing a Project? Or worse, starting one? Are all Project related e-mails unmercifully crammed into one big folder with no Project guide in sight? Sounds about right.

Getting a Project done quicker and easier is about setting up that darn Guide Sheet that you never seem to be able to do. A Guide Sheet gives you a complete overview of a Project with milestones and a list of all of the steps that you can think of at the time of set up. (You will add a bunch more Steps as you go.)

You can create a Guide Sheet as an Excel document then drag it to Outlook to the folder name of the Project. Clicking on the Excel Guide Sheet form when in the Right Reading Pane view allows you to see the form in the right window and what step you are on. Instant overall Project awareness!

Imagine having a preset list of short and easy tasks to do so you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out what you need to do next. Instead of all that thinking about what is next to do, you just do the next well thought out step.

Whatever is this world coming to? Hopefully a lot more Guide Sheets.

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