Tip 28. Choose to be Powerful rather than a Victim.

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Is your boss a real doofus? I am sure a few of my old employees thought theirs was.

Years ago, I worked with an admin who gave a new meaning to the word victim. She seemed to believe her main job was to whine about how bad her boss was.

When she started on a new whine, I held up two fingers in the shape of a V. Inquiring as to what I was doing, I answered the V stood for victim and that was what she was doing again, being a victim. After that, you can imagine who was added to her “whine list” and it sure wasn’t a French Bordeaux.

After arguing that her boss was clueless, I told her I agreed. She tilted her head quizzically as I experienced a silence rarely heard anywhere near her.

I explained that she wasn’t forced to work for her boss. He was a real doofus but she did have a choice. If she stayed, she needed to understand her part in the dance that was going on and what she needed to do to make it work. Or, she could just leave and find a healthier job. Imagine that… but then, no justification to whine.

In a time of history imbued with such a strong sense of entitlement—that some people are owed something by everyone else—it might be a perfect opportunity for all of us to step up to the plate and actually choose to be responsible and accountable for our own lives.

‘Nuff said.

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