Tip 8. Be still and really listen.

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Have you noticed that people just don’t seem to be listening like they used to?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  1. While on the phone, you hear the faint clicking of typing in the background or the rustling of papers.
  2. While someone is talking to you, they look down at their smartphone more often than a kid on a car trip looking out of the window asking “Are we there yet?”
  3. They look at the sky or into la-la land while saying “Uh- huh” every five seconds, having absolutely no clue—none whatsoever—as to what you are talking about.
  4. After hearing your first sentence, they immediately start formulating what they will say to counter what you just said and from then on, interrupt you silly.
  5. Their smartphone rings and without saying anything—not even “Excuse me” or “Would you mind if I take this call?”— immediately start talking as if you weren’t there. (Walking away when they do this is a riot. Some people notice— others don’t.)

Most people just want to be heard. Don’t you?

Try saying nothing and just being with someone. It’s called listening.

The effect of listening is amazing—to you, to them, and to your bottom line.

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