Tip 25. If what you are doing isn’t working, stop doing it immediately.

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Are you happy with the way things are at work?

Didn’t a famous author write that we are living lives of quiet desperation—which includes our work life?
That can change if you are willing to change but there is a catch. You really do have to change.

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode when George decided to do everything the opposite way because his life wasn’t working? He saw a tall, beautiful woman in the restaurant. Normally he wouldn’t think of approaching her but the new George did. As he walked up to her, he said, “Hi my name is George. I don’t have a job…and I live with my parents.” Of course the woman was immediately interested in him. Just the opposite of what he thought would happen considering his current belief system.

George knew what he was doing wasn’t working. He didn’t just talk about changing like most of us do, he actually changed his behavior.

Many of us really believe that we change our behavior. Actually, we really don’t.

The way you know you have changed your behavior is when you get a different result.

George is back, baby! And so are you if you really change what you are doing.

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