Tip 198. Standardize how you store information throughout your company.

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Are you aware that eventually your company will have to standardize how it stores information? You think you are getting a lot of information now? Give it a few years.

By standardizing how you store and access information, all of your employees will be able to use the same system regardless of where the information comes from. This includes all paper, computer, and e-mail, as well as shared, departmental, and central files.

When someone is out sick, on vacation, taking maternity leave, or on the road, anyone in the office will be able to retrieve information instantly from that person’s desk, computer or shared drive. New employees won’t have to reinvent the wheel—a system will already be in place so they can begin Producing almost immediately. For employees who are fired, forced to leave (nicely called downsizing today), or quit, you will be able to access and understand their information system and what they have been working on in seconds. In the near future, every company will be forced to do this to survive the onslaught of information that is yet to come.

As the BTO song goes: ♫ You ain’t seen nothing yet! ♫

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