Tip 1. There are three ways to improve your work output.

Tip 1. There are three ways to improve your work output.

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Do you ever wonder if you are working as productively as possible? Heading back to the office from the golf course right now might be a good start.

Here are three ways to check:

  1. Your Focus – Are you working on the correct thing? (Few people do. They work on what they like to do or are comfortable doing, not on what they really need to do.) What is that one, correct thing that you always need to be working on?
  2. Your Methodology – Do you have a good system of working? (Many people don’t use a real system while others use a system they picked up along the way and kind of modify it as they go along.) What system do you use?
  3. Your Speed – Do you work faster than a normal worker would in order to keep up? (Ouch! Nobody wants to work fast all of the time. It is exhausting and after a while you’ll get sick.) Are you able to work at a comfortable and steady pace? Hey! Forget about working more hours and working crazy.

What many workers do today is simply work more hours rather than fix the problem. Some, believe it or not, actually take work home and are available 24 hours a day to respond to e-mails, calls, and texts, wherever they are.

Instead, stay focused on that one thing and use a better, make that a Vetter, work system.

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