Tip 157. Every piece of paper has energy.

Tip 157. Every piece of paper has energy.

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Have you ever considered that a piece of paper is full of energy? Or perhaps full of something else?

Each piece of paper has its own energy—sometimes positive, sometimes negative. The energy depends on what you decide to do or not do with it.

Think about a project you have procrastinated working on that is buried under a pile of papers stacked in the corner of your bedroom. You think that puppy is giving off positive vibes? Hardly!

It’s like a black hole, sucking in all the surrounding energy. Oh! That’s where Spot went.

Think the concept of energy is bogus? Think about how you would feel with your eyes closed, standing in a dirty, cluttered house. Yuck! Then compare that with the feeling of being in a newly built, clean house. Ah! You can feel the difference yet scientifically you can’t prove it. Yet it’s all about the energy.

When you finally go through and deal with those stacks of paper that soon may turn into your very own Petrified Forest, you’ll notice a feeling as if a weight has been lifted from you.

It has.

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