Tip 160. You are the biggest cause of your interruptions.

Tip 160. You are the biggest cause of your interruptions.

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Who do you think interrupts you more than anyone else? Bingo!

Pick one from the top shelf.

Think how many times you interrupt yourself by responding to a text or an e-mail when it annoyingly announces itself. Actually, I would prefer hearing Chopin’s funeral dirge rather than that annoying ding. Instead, what the text or e-mail should say is “I am interrupting you yet once again. Are you going to take the bait, look at me, then leave me in your Inbox, or start working on me, which will interrupt what you were just working on? Or will you finally, once and for all, ignore me and check me later?” Believe it or not, you don’t have to look at every single text or e-mail every single time when they come in. Really!

All these years, you may have believed it was other people who were interrupting you. They probably have, but give yourself some credit too! Over 50% of your interruptions are caused by or allowed by you.

How long are you willing to work without interrupting yourself?

The bucks stop coming when you keep interrupting!

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