Tip 162. Work on only one task at a time.

Tip 162. Work on only one task at a time.

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Everyone knows that multitasking makes you more productive, right? Except it’s not true.

Most of the time your brain isn’t multitasking—it’s toggling back and forth between tasks at a super-fast speed that feels as if you are actually multitasking.

Research has shown that it takes a person 50 percent longer to complete two tasks done simultaneously than if the tasks were worked on separately. Huh?

Let me get this straight. If I work on one task, it will take me ten minutes to complete it. If I work on two ten-minute tasks at the same time, it will take me 30 minutes to complete them. Didn’t I lose ten minutes doing it this way? Wasn’t it supposed to take less than 20 minutes?

So how many other things are you doing while you are reading this?”

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