Tip 163. How to stay focused on one task.

Tip 163. How to stay focused on one task.

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How many tasks do you work on at the same time?

I know they say multitasking will make you more productive but nothing is farther from the truth.
What happens when a text or an e-mail arrives? You stop what you’re doing, interrupt yourself, and open the text or e-mail while working on other things. Then you kind of just let the text or e-mail sit in your Inbox still needing to be dealt with later—along with everything else that you stopped working on.

If you analyze your behavior, you’ll notice that you are constantly shifting from Processing information to Producing work—back and forth all day long, with the sneaking feeling of never really completing anything.

Working on one thing is not only more productive, it will also improve the quality of your work life. Imagine that.

If you want to juggle things so badly, join the circus!

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