Tip 117. Standardize an e-mail template.

Tip 117. Standardize an e-mail template.

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Don’t you just love to receive lengthy e-mails only to have absolutely no idea whatsoever what you are supposed to do with them?

By standardizing your group’s or company’s e-mail template, you no longer have to play Sherlock Holmes trying to figure out what someone wants you to do. By listing “What I need from you, or Please do this, or Action needed” at the beginning or top of the e-mail, the reader will instantly know what action they need to take. And isn’t that what most readers want to know?


Action needed:

Priority status (A, B, or C):

Due date:


This way, the sender can include as many pages as they want under the RE: This allows you to read or not read the accompanying information.

Plus, you don’t even have to open the message if your Bottom Reading Pane is open and the horizontal split bar is almost at the top. Doing it this way allows you to scan the top part of the e-mail message.

Elementary, my newly organized Watson.

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