Tip 18. Everything you keep is either an Action or a Support (Save).

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Do you remember the two kinds of energy from your General Science class?

One was Kinetic and the other was Potential. Here are some of the characteristics of Kinetic energy which we will call an Action and Potential energy which we will call a Support:

Properties of an Action

Kinetic energy (active)
A task to do
A verb is used with it
Intend to do it…now or in the future
An activity

Properties of a Support

Potential energy (possible)
Something you want to save
Information that is stored
No intention of doing anything with it
A resource

Everything you keep is either something you want to work on (Action), or information you want to save (Support) and be able to reference. If it is neither of these, you shouldn’t have it as it will be trash to get rid of, or something that needs to go to someone else.

When all of your Action is stored in the same location, it is easy to know exactly what you need to work on since everything will be in that one spot. The same is true of the information you save. Everything you choose to save will be in one location (Category folder) broken down by a common subject.

“To be (Action) or not to be (Support). That is the question.”

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