Tip 7. One hour of uninterrupted time is equal to three hours of a regular day.

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Guess what every administrative assistant would love to have—besides a big fat juicy raise. An hour a day when everyone would just leave them alone.

Oh, the work they could produce! You have the opportunity most of the time to do this but are probably blowing it.

I know, I know. You don’t have the time. Well, no one else does either. But why choose to let that get in your way?

To win the Productivity game, you must create time from time that you don’t think that you have (your Quiet Time, 20% of your workday uninterrupted working on impactful tasks) but which of course, you really do have.

Just ask your admin how valuable an uninterrupted hour is—and what they would give to get one.

Now please go to your room and be Quiet.

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