Tip 115. Limit your Cc’s.

Tip 115. Limit your Cc’s.

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Can you imagine the number of Cc e-mails that are being sent daily? “Billions and billions” as Carl Sagan would say.

Before e-mail, it was estimated that a single document in a company was copied 19 times. Today, with the ability to send more Cc’s than stars in the skies, you may soon be hearing: “Houston, we have a problem.”
Why are so many copies being sent? Do you really need to be copied on every item? Or are Cc’s just a bad habit you developed along with everyone else? You know…to cover yourself…just in case something happens.

The next time you get the urge to send a copy, pinch yourself— rather strongly. That’s the pain the other person will feel when he or she is forced to read yet another Cc.

Do a good turn. Stop Cc’ing everybody. Believe me, they will be grateful and so will the universe…with one less Cc to read.

Gazillions of hours are being wasted just from opening, reading, shuffling, and storing unnecessary Cc’s.

Make that billion and billions.

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