52. Use an Inbox and an Outbox if you use paper.

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If you don’t have an Outbox, where do you put a piece of paper that you need to give to someone? (Please don’t say on your desk or your credenza.)

If you use paper, you need both an Inbox and an Outbox since sometimes you bring paper into your office and other times you take it out. You need a temporary place to hold it.

All paper that comes into your office is always dropped into your Inbox first. If it is in your Inbox, it won’t be on your desk, floor or credenza. Process your Inbox contents three times a day, moving it to one of four places: OATS (Outbox, Action, Trash, Save or Support.)

Your Inbox is a great place to put anything that is handed to you, or that you bring back to your office from an appointment or a meeting. With no Inbox being used, the paper can be placed on your desk, credenza, or floor—not the best of storage places.

If you have paper, get one.

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