53. Everything goes into your desk Inbox first.

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What do you do with the following?

  • Someone hands you a piece of paper.
  • You write down a phone number.
  • You have papers from a sales appointment you were just on.
  • You have a handout from yet another, boring meeting you just attended.

Immediately drop them, dump them, plop them, or, if you’re skillful enough, fling them into your Inbox.

By doing this, your desk, floor, walls, and credenza will be paper- free, you’ll eliminate having to file the item away right then (you file only when you Process your Inbox three times a day), and, most importantly, you’ll be able to finish what you were working on because you won’t be distracted with a gazillion things all over your office!

Inbox lamp is lit. Fling ‘em if you’ve got them.

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