46. Use the first word that comes to mind when naming a file.

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How many times have you been unable to find a file because you forgot what you named it? Search has become your very best friend.

Use the very first word that comes to your mind. If the word “stuff” comes to mind, use stuff. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s your first word. The harder you try for the correct word, the less chance you’ll have of coming up with one that you’ll remember.

If I tried to find a soft drink and looked under a file called, “Pop,” I’d be looking for a long time unless I was from the Midwest. Coming from Eastern Long Island, I think of the word soda (pronounced so-der). In the South, it’s a Coke. In New Orleans, it’s a cold drink, and in New Hampshire, it’s a tonic.

I wonder what you get when you order a gin and tonic in New Hampshire. Hmm. Make that a water, please.

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