49. If you listen, you will hear it.

49. If you listen, you will hear it.

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Do you have a hard time coming up with Category names to use for the information you store?

The job of an executive that I was working with was to come up with the name of her Support Categories as we went through each piece of her paper. To say that she was being challenged finding the right names is putting it nicely.

In her hands were articles she had written. I asked her what Category the “articles” should go into. She said she didn’t know. I asked again. She said she still didn’t know. I kept asking what Category the articles should go into emphasizing the word articles.

The tension level was rapidly going past boiling when finally her facial expression softened and she embarrassingly said, “In Articles.”

Hmmm. Imagine that. Articles going into a Category called Articles. What will they think of next?

It may seem obvious; but when we are engaged in the battle for the correct Category name, many of us simply don’t listen to what that little voice in our head is saying.

Just ask yourself “What is it?” Then wait. When you hear that little voice answer, you’ve got your Category name.

Or perhaps another type of problem.


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