Tip 153. Junk your Junk Drawer.

Tip 153. Junk your Junk Drawer.

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Admit it. You’ve got one. So does everyone else. A Junk Drawer!

You know, that drawer that you put stuff into with items that you don’t know what to do with.

Well, I’ve got some bad news for you. It’s getting bigger—and has probably started spreading to other drawers. Someday in the near future, all your drawers may turn to the dark side and become— Darth Drawers.

There’s a New Hope. Go to that drawer and completely empty it. Then wipe it completely out using a rag and cleaning agent. Give that drawer a new name (Category) and vow from now on to put only like items that belong together in it.

Now for the fun part. Go through every item in the drawer and make a decision as to where to put each item. Categorize everything and either save each item to the appropriate location, give it away, or trash it (about 60% will be trash).

Save the Rainforests of Endor. Eliminate the Junk Drawers.

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