Tip 98. Keep only five things on your desk.

Tip 98. Keep only five things on your desk.

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Be honest. How many items do you have on your desk?

The following should be the only five things on your desk other than the task on which you are working. Everything else should be in a drawer, on a shelf, or in your computer.

1. Inbox. (On one side of your desk. If you have any paper, you need one.)
2. Outbox. (On the other side of your desk, not on top of your Inbox. Ditto!)
3. Smartphone or desk Phone. (On the opposite side of the hand you write with.)
4. Computer. (Best if the keyboard can slide out from under the middle of your desk.)
5. Calculator or appointment book. (If applicable)

Next time, instead of dropping an item on your desk, drop the item into your Inbox.

A clean desk is a happy desk!

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