Tip 97. Delegate rather than work late.

Tip 97. Delegate rather than work late.

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How many tasks are you doing that one of your employees could be working on instead?

Rule of Delegation: It is better to give…to someone…than to do it yourself.

In fact, delegate everything you can and then follow up. Better yet, delegate the follow up to your Assistant or Admin. Your employees were hired to perform specific jobs—let them. Get out of their way. Their performance won’t always be perfect, no doubt about that, but it will allow you to focus on that one thing that you are supposed to be doing that you are not doing since you are doing that thing that they could be doing. Whew!

Hey, just delegate it, would you?

P.S. Remember that old disco tune by Three Dog Night? ♫Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the music.♫

That’s what you’ll be able to start doing on Friday nights when you start to Delegate instead of working late.

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