Tip 74. Sent e-mail is different from Pending.

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Do items that you are waiting for ever slip through the cracks? How do you keep track of e-mails that you sent to someone that you need a response from?

What do you do when you send an important e-mail to someone and are waiting for a response from them? Drag the e-mail that you sent to a Sent e-mail folder in your Batched Action Category.

The distinction between a Sent e-mail and a Pending is that with a Sent e-mail, you are waiting for a response from someone you e-mailed. The onus is on you regarding the information you requested in the e-mail so you want to make sure they get back with you.

With regard to Pending, you are waiting for a specific item from them after they have acknowledged your e-mail and said they would be sending you something but without a specific date. Drag the e-mail you are waiting for to a Pending folder you have created in the Folder Pane in the left window under the Calendar Action Category folder. If you did have a specific receipt date, you would drag the e-mail to the Calendar icon on that date.

  • Sent e-mail — Waiting for a response from someone you sent an e-mail to.
  • Pending — Waiting for a specific item from someone who said they would get back with you without specifying a date.

Pending is dateless. Kind of like some of us on a Saturday night. Bah-dah-boom.

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