Tip 20. Keep Action items totally separate from your Support or Saved items.

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Have you ever taken a legal pad to a meeting, written down meeting notes, and then written tasks that you need to do all on the same page?

Where do you keep the pad when you get back to your office? How do you store the meeting notes and then remember to work on the tasks you noted if they are both on the same page?

Always separate Action (anything you intend to work on now or in the future) from Support (information that you simply save).

During a meeting, write notes on a legal pad or type them in your computer. Write tasks to be done on 3 x 5 cards or create an electronic New Post in This Folder reminder card in Microsoft Outlook.

That way when you come back from your meeting, you can file your meeting notes in your Support Categories and file the tasks you need to work on in your Action Categories.

Legal pads beware! Your numbers will soon be shrinking.

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