Tip 168. Prioritize, rather than Urgentize or Easinize your tasks.

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Are you prioritizing your tasks? Or are you really just urgentizing and easinizing them?

Try this: Pick out the first tasks that you would work on from a list of things to do. Most people don’t realize that they unconsciously look for due dates when they “prioritize” their work. That’s not prioritizing—it’s urgentizing. Tasks with a due date often have nothing to do with being a priority.

Others look for the easiest tasks so that at the end of the day, they can experience a sense of having accomplished a lot. Perhaps— but at the cost of not working on their important tasks—and it’s a fleeting feeling.

A priority is not necessarily urgent or easy. It is simply the most important and impactful task that you can work on. Many times it is the least worked on.

Prioritize, Urgentize or Easinize? It’s your choice.

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