Tip 123. Scrolling = Producing nothing.

Tip 123. Scrolling = Producing nothing.

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How many times do you scroll over the same e-mails in your Inbox? Some e-mails have been there for so long that they are grandfathered in.

Many people have made checking their e-mails a big part of their job—and then can’t seem to understand why they don’t get more done.

Who knows, there may be a job in the future as an e-mail viewer.

“What do you do?”
“I scroll through e-mails.“
“Do you work on them?
“No. I just look at them. That’s my job.”

In your dreams, buddy. That would be a wonderful job as long as someone else worked on the e-mails.
Wherever you keep your e-mails, one thing is for sure, it better not be in your Inbox.

The next time you see those old e-mails, tell them to go away… that you never want to see them again.

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