Tip 114. Know when to call and when to e-mail.

Tip 114. Know when to call and when to e-mail.

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Do you ever feel as if people are e-mailing you when what they should be doing is calling?

Let’s face it. E-mail has gotten out of control almost as much as the IRS has. Well, maybe not that much but close.

Used incorrectly, e-mail can cause a long, series of time-consuming, never-ending strings and threads of information, with both you and the recipient not having a clue as to what is being asked or stated. Sometimes the issue is too complicated to be communicated through an e-mail. Many times talking to someone is quicker and more efficient.

E-mail is also a great way to skirt the issue, CYA, not be present with, be less responsible, and shift the onus of action onto the other person.

To e-mail or to call. That is the question.

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