Tip 39. Use the 80/20 rule for how much to keep.

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Do you realize that you only use two out of every ten pieces of information in your e-mail, computer, or file drawer? Here is the breakdown: 10         Computer, paper, or e-mail files                                                                     100%   2          Files you actually use                                                                                      20% 6 … Continued

Stand up.

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Do you get more work done sitting or standing up? Then why are you still sitting down? If your attention span is like many workers, only 7 minutes long, after sitting for a while, take a break, and stand up … Continued

Tip 33. Close your door.

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Does your company’s culture dictate that your door be kept open? I know, I know. It’s antisocial and it goes against some company’s culture to close the door, but so what? What’s more important to your company? An open door … Continued

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