54. From your desk Inbox, there are only four places information can go: OATS.

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Do you ever pick up a piece of paper in your Inbox and wonder where the silly thing should go? Or do you just kind of leave it alone and never bother it?

During the day, everything always goes into your Inbox first. From there, it goes to one of the following:

  • Outbox—Anything that leaves your office or cubicle (or home office).
  • Action—Anything you intend to work on now or in the future.
  • Trash—Anything you no longer use.
  • Save—Anything you want to save or refer to, and have no intention of working on.

Everything you keep in your office should either be an Action (something you intend to work on) or a Support (information you save).

Remember your OATS daily, and you’ll keep a clean, healthy, and empty Inbox.

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