47. A Form is a Form is a Form is a Form.

47. A Form is a Form is a Form is a Form.

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Have you ever found that a file can be stored in more than one place?

Think about where to store a form. A form is a template or a blank document or piece of paper that’s not filled out. Potentially you could store a form in a bunch of places (Categories)—Financial, Personnel, or Clients. Basically in any Category that has forms. But where do you store the other forms that don’t go into one of the above Categories? Oops! Now you have two or more places to look for forms. Soon to be many more.

When you have trouble knowing where to file something, it’s generally because you haven’t broken it down into its most basic—pardon the pun—form, i.e., what it really is. We tend to complicate this process instead of allowing it to be natural, simple and dare say, easy. The question you want to ask regarding where something goes is: “What is it?” The answer in this case is a Form.

Why not store all of the forms in a place that describes what they really are? A Category called—duh—Forms.

Newsflash: A Book is a Book is a Book is a Book. A book doesn’t go into the Financial Category even if it is a financial book. If it has pages and is bound, hopefully for the bookshelf, it’s a Book.

Onward to the bookshelf!

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